Continually seeking out executive and legislative solution

Mission Statement
We strive to be the best lobbying firm in Illinois while establishing a reputation of being ethical, hard working and respected. We will interact with our clients, public officials, peers and each other with honesty, candor and integrity.

How We Work
Identify and prioritize client needs and long-term goals. We develop a strategic plan including a list of definitive timelines and interim benchmarks that define a course of action focusing on achieving immediate goals that compliment the plan's long term success. If necessary, we will recommend if there is a need to include a public relations component to the plan.

During the execution phase we carry out the agreed upon strategy aggressively, ethically and discretely. This will include working with the client and legislative reference bureau to draft the legislative proposal, identifying sponsors and schedule legislative meetings and bill introduction. Throughout the bill process we will lobby legislators, staff and other interested parties to successfully enact the bill. At the same time, any legislative proposals that negatively impact the client will be aggressively opposed.

We recognize that no initial plan remains perfect throughout the execution phase, so we adapt to changing conditions and implement needed changes or direction with input from the client.

After successful completion of the strategic plan, we will continue to work with our clients to assess other needs or opportunities that will result in a long term profitable relationship.

Recognizing that the political landscape is constantly changing, we will provide clients with political insight and advice regarding activities within the state of Illinois, City of Chicago or other important governmental entities.